cinematographer / steadicam operator
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Narrative work

Feature and short films

Through Her Eyes (feature film, 2018)

Based on true life events. Through Her Eyes is a drama about an African American teenager struggling with self-esteem; who after deciding to attend a newly integrated school, must find the confidence to take the entrance exam, while facing racial prejudice.

  • Director: Trenton Lumpkin

  • DP: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Technical specs: Sony FS7, Canon CN-E Lenses

  • IMDb link

Stop Asking for Permission (short, 2019)

  • Director: Rolando Gil

  • DP and Steadicam operator: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Technical specs: Aaton XTR Prod Camera, 16mm Kodak 500T film, 35mm super speed lenses

  • IMDb link

Sweet Tooth (Short, 2019)

A bored fat man decides to steal candy from a store to spice up his life.

  • Director: Trenton Lumpkin

  • Writer and Director of Photography: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Runner-Up winner Script to Screen Challenge 2019, link to website

  • Video link

  • Technical specs: Ursa mini Pro, Rokinon primes

Winkles (short, 2019)

  • Director: Zachary Stephens

  • Director of Photography: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Audience Award Winner - 48 hour Film Project Atlanta 2019

  • Technical specs: Sony FS7, Rokinon Cine lenses

Residence 906 (Short, 2018)

The mysterious deaths of a paranormal investigator's teammates forces her to confront an enigmatic demon.

  • Director: Heather Hutton

  • DP and Steadicam Operator: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Trailer link

  • IMDB link

  • Technical specs: Sony FS7

Touch & Go (Short, 2017)

A young teenage pilot survives the flight of her life in the face of clear danger.

  • Director: Heather Hutton

  • DP: Angelica Perez-Castro

  • Technical specs: Red Scarlet-W, Canon CN-E lenses, XEEN lenses

  • IMDb link